This article was written by Jean VandeMerghel, a Rethinking Job Search Participant.

“In my previous line of work, I worked as a Kitchen and Prep Supervisor for a well-known USDA facility earning 80-60k per year. After 18 years I found myself unemployed and looking for work. I received an email from the unemployment dept. about Rethinking Job Search and after almost 10 months of being unemployed I thought it might be helpful in finding work.

It’s depressing looking for a job, but I’m glad it happened, I had fallen into a rut. The worst thing about being unemployed is the hypocrisy and the negative thinking. During the 3rd week of the workshop I found employment with Auto Zone. While I don’t have auto experience I have tons of knowledge in getting things done, and after a 2 week training period I was given a great deal of responsibility running the second shift as well as being the closing manager for the Troutdale location. I’ve developed a good relationship with my supervisor who cares about what happens.

I believe that Rethinking Job Search was extremely helpful in my employment search. Rethinking job search helped me overcome all the negative feelings I had. I liked that you can take it home and apply it to things that happen at home or anywhere. I firmly believe the class is helpful without any doubt. The facilitator brought to the surface (re-educated) me in simple terms to look beyond the perception of my thoughts and let my future be based on facts not feelings. I applied my own thoughts of focusing on the situation-not the person (myself), or others, getting all the facts, modifying (rethinking) the negative preconceived images into a positive energy and seek a solution. Whatever the solution is I allow for changes to better the outcome by reviewing the progress and overcome barriers as they may come arise.

Better yet, I am a better employee and supervisor now because I refuse to have “risky thoughts” enter into my decision-making process. This is an advantage in a place where division of duties, respect and categorized responsibilities work in opposite of teamwork and continuous flow affecting the business.

I think this class should be offered (mandatory) earlier in the employment search. This workshop could possibly help people find work sooner.”

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