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reentry program

what is it?

The WorkSource Oregon Reentry Program, spearheaded by OWP in collaboration with all 9 Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDBs), aims to enhance Oregon’s prison technology infrastructure and integrate WorkSource Oregon Reentry Services across the state’s 12 prisons. Building upon the successful pilot project initiated by East Cascade Works, this initiative will facilitate job placement, skills training, and continuous support for Adults in Custody (AICs) transitioning from incarceration to rejoining the workforce in their respective home counties. By engaging with AICs 90 days prior to release and providing comprehensive post-release services, including employment opportunities, advanced career training, and additional support services in their communities, the program aims to facilitate a smooth transition and promote successful reintegration into society.

where did this originate?

This work is the product of two supportive grants which OWP is the recipient of from the Department of Labor Pathways Home 4 Grant ($3.9M) and the State of Oregon, Higher Education Coordinating Committee (HECC) Future Ready Oregon funds, Workready Round 2 Grant ($1M).


We will serve and support 900 Adults in Custody in the next 3 years.
Rapid attachment to meaningful employment reduces recidivism. Our goal is to reduce recidivism by 13.2%
We are working with partners across the state to blend and braid resources that will help provide the necessary wraparound and expungement services to support AICs in transition.
Brendon A Kinzel State Reentry Program Manager

Brendon A Kinzel

State Reentry Program Manager

Brendon Kinzel is a dedicated professional with a passion for facilitating successful reentry for individuals transitioning from incarceration to society. As the state-led reentry program manager at E.C Works, Brendon collaborates with the Department of Corrections and Work Source Boards to implement comprehensive reentry services throughout Oregon’s prison system.

Brendon’s journey is deeply rooted in personal experience, having been formerly incarcerated himself in various Oregon correctional facilities, including the Oregon State Penitentiary, Powder River Correctional Institution, and Snake River Correctional Institution. He intimately understands the challenges and uncertainties individuals face when reentering society after incarceration, having navigated these transitions firsthand.

Drawing from his own struggles and triumphs, Brendon is committed to breaking the cycle of generational criminal behavior and substance abuse. His professional background in peer support, as a certified recovery mentor and peer support specialist registered with MACBO and the Oregon Health Authority, spans seven years. Additionally, his academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services from the University of Phoenix, specializing in prison rehabilitation.

Brendon’s dedication to his work is fueled by a desire to empower others with similar lived experiences. He recognizes the alarming unemployment rate among formerly incarcerated individuals, which exceeds 20% in the United States, motivating him to develop impactful training programs for field staff aimed at reducing recidivism and providing opportunities for meaningful employment.

With a profound understanding of the challenges and complexities of reentry, Brendon Kinzel is committed to fostering positive change and creating pathways to success for individuals transitioning from incarceration to community living.