P10k Statewide Report

Statewide performance outcomes.

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What is it?

Prosperity 10,000 is the section of Future Ready Oregon that invests $35 million through Oregon’s 9 Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDBs). This funding was intended to support communities most impacted by COVID 19, including people of color, low-income individuals and families, women, disconnected youth, front-line workers, rural and frontier residents, and other historically underserved Oregonians. The initiative was designed to enhance the capacity to provide proven services like career coaching, earn-and-learn opportunities, and industry-specific training. Additionally, these funds enabled LWDBs to scale up vital wraparound services, including childcare, housing, transportation, and technology support.

The P10K strategy was to use the LWDB infrastructure to quickly deploy resources to respond to regional workforce challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. LWDBs used existing partner networks to leverage and distribute funds to a variety of organizations, including nonprofit community-based entities, educational institutions, labor organizations, and other workforce service providers. Additional investments were made to complement existing partnerships and expand community and service connections.


Program Year: 2023

Start Date: 7/1/2023 | End Date: 6/30/2024

Months Elapsed: 11

Percent Through PY: 91.67%

Total Participants Employed: 2,531

Full Time Employed: 1,640

Average Hourly Wage: $20.89

% Investment Share by LWDB

Total Enrollment

Projected ending enrollment = 9,634

Top 5: Training By Industry Focus

Training Completion Rate

Enrolled Women

Successful Completion

Participants Employed*

* Employment rate based on participants who have exited and were not employed at the time of P10k Registration.

Participant Wages

Statewide Performance

Enrollment Goal – 10,000 people

Measure Current Status Goals
Enrollment to Date
Percent to Goal
49% 100%
Participants served who identify as women. 45% 50%
Participants who successfully complete the program. 88% 80% of all Exited Participants
Participants who obtain employment. 62% 75% Participants exited, employed, not employed at reg.
Participants who earn at least $17/hour. 85% 75% Participants exited, employed, not employed at reg.

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