A Project by the Lane Workforce Partnership (LWP)

“This innovative project is an opportunity not only for students to learn high-wage, high-demand skills that our workforce needs, but it’s an opportunity for students to make a difference in their community where they live to really connect with a crisis that is happening right in our community.”

Constructing A Brighter Future

Constructing a Brighter Future (CBF) is a collaborative project that creates single room transitional shelters for the unhoused. This project defines the true meaning of partnership as it builds from an existing network of Lane County educators/school districts, local transitional housing organizations, community-based organizations, industry, and workforce to align and support local housing shortages with the construction of temporary shelters. Constructing a Brighter Future not only supports a prioritized community need but is a workforce initiative that introduces young people to the multiple career pathways in high wage/high demand construction trades work and provides them with hands on, work-based learning opportunities to demonstrate and refine these new skills for possible future employment.

CBF provides training to CTE instructors from all Lane County School Districts to construct finished single room shelters. Once trained, CTE instructors lead their students in the construction process, providing them with hands-on, education, training, and work-based learning opportunities that help them develop valuable employment skills, credentials, credits, and certifications.