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We hear all the time about readiness of the workforce.  What about the readiness of our workforce system?

Now is the time to plan for the next economic downturn; to prepare for technological change; to shore up system gaps; and ensure Oregon’s continued economic success.    


  • Do laid-off workers have the skills they need to regain employment?
  • Are unemployed workers able to access training and transition to better paying jobs?
  • Are CTE, internship and apprenticeship opportunities sufficient to prepare Oregon’s next generation of workers?
  • Is Oregon’s workforce system prepared for the future?
  • The magnitude of resource integration required in the workforce system is unprecedented.
  • In Oregon, the workforce system involves multiple State of Oregon commissions, agencies, divisions, advisory boards and councils; community colleges; K-12, organized labor; local workforce boards; and a multitude of community partners.
  • To do a better job with what we have, policymakers must better understand the landscape of all available resources and their associated requirements.
  • Oregon continues to defer to a programmatic rather than systemic approach, particularly in regard to shared technology and customer data.
  • To ensure a comprehensive inventory is conducted of all state workforce system programs and resources, and evaluate the use and alignment of those investments.
  •  To develop increased legislative oversight, increased agency transparency, stronger partnership, and shared accountability of all concerned to ensure effective use of those resources.
  •  To make the effective use of technology to serve our common customers an expectation of Oregon’s leaders.

We are experts in Oregon’s workforce, responsible for coordinating local service delivery.  OWP can help lead change.




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